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Data Protection

Integrated backup and disaster recovery solution with centralized consumer- grade management
Flexible VM-centric policies to protect virtualized applications with different RPOs and RTOs
Local, remote, and cloud-based backups, and synchronous and asynchronous replication-based disaster recovery solutions


The vast majority of applications today are under protected – or completely unprotected – making enterprises vulnerable to data loss or downtime during disasters. Legacy data protection and DR solutions, while still relevant to certain classes of workloads, have failed to adapt to the needs of modern virtualized applications and infrastructure.

Nutanix offers a wide spectrum of integrated options for data protection to meet the complex service level agreement (SLA) requirements of applications. With Nutanix, you get high-levels of availability and resiliency in the event of component failure, node failure, rack failure, or an entire datacenter outage.

You can back up VMs and applications to your local systems, to a Nutanix system at a remote site, or to a public cloud service provider such as Amazon WebServices. Nutanix Prism simplifies backup management by defining backup policies for multiple sites centrally, enabling simplified workflows and control for protecting applications.

Nutanix also makes remote replication and disaster recovery cost effective by compressing and deduplicating data before it is sent over the wire, reducing storage footprint and network bandwidth by as much as 70%.

Data Protection Use Cases:

Backup & Recovery

Integrated enterprise-grade backups with centralized VM-centric management
Flexibility and fine-grained control with virtual disk-focused policies
Integration with VSS and 3rd-party tools, enabling features such as application-consistent backups
Backup to public cloud services, including Amazon Web Services

Most traditional backup solutions were designed during the pre-virtualization era. These solutions typically operated at the LUN or volume level and required complex workflows to backup and restore individual or sets of VMs . Additionally, IT administrators often have to deal with different solutions for storage, backup, and disaster recovery, increasing both capital and operational expenses.

Nutanix offers a simple, enterprise-grade, integrated backup solution. You can take unlimited number of snapshots of virtual disks and VMs locally, or replicate them to a remote site or a cloud service such as Amazon Web Services. With recovery point objectives (RPO) as low as 15 minutes and retention policies measured in days, weeks, months, or even years, you gain the flexibility to back up applications when and where you want. Backups to remote sites and the cloud are deduplicated and compressed before they are sent over the wire, reducing storage footprint and network bandwidth by over 70%.

With Nutanix support for VADP (VMware vStorage API for Data Protection) and application-level consistent snapshots using Microsoft Volume Shadow Services (VSS), your environment works seamlessly with Symantec NetBackup, CommVault Simpana, Veeam, and more.

backup recovery

Key Advantages:

Native integration: Protect applications with local, remote, or cloud-based backups, eliminating the need for a secondary solution

Improved service levels: Dramatically improve RTO and backup storage efficiency with the industry’s first redirect-on-write algorithm for hyperconverged platforms

Balanced growth: Add capacity-heavy nodes to existing web-scale Nutanix systems to support nearly unlimited retention of snapshots

WAN efficient: Achieve over 70% reductions in network bandwidth and capacity needed as a result of deduplication and compression

Simplified and automated: Schedule backup policies with just a few clicks, and get excellent RTOs by recovering VMs from local or remote snapshots in two easy steps

Application consistency: Take application-consistent VM snapshots using Microsoft VSS integration and VADP support and support VAAI and ODX for quick recovery options

Cloud-enabled: Treat public cloud services as any other remote site, enabling long-term archiving

Disaster Recovery

Choice of integrated disaster recovery options to meet all application needs
Continuous availability for business-critical applications through planned events and unplanned disasters
Simple and intuitive management with two-click infrastructure failover
Greater flexibility through support for asymmetric disaster recovery cluster across sites

A significant number of critical applications in today’s datacenters run unprotected, leaving enterprises at risk for expensive downtime and data loss during planned maintenance or disasters. Each data outage can substantially impact organizations in terms of lost revenues and future opportunity and can potentially expose companies to regulatory. Existing disaster recovery solutions are expensive and are hard to setup and operate, making them impractical for most applications.

Nutanix enables you to build affordable and flexible disaster recovery (DR) solutions without the overhead of traditional DR. You can choose from a variety of solutions with different RPO and RTO requirements to meet your application needs, leveraging your existing IP network.

Build metro-level high availability cluster with zero RPO and near-zero RTO, using Nutanix Metro Availability, the industry’s first hyperconverged synchronous replication solution

You can also use Nutanix remote replication functionality to asynchronously replicate individual virtual disks and VMs to one or many sites

You can manage all Nutanix sites centrally and apply consistent policies across your entire environment. Nutanix Prism APIs also enable you to create your own custom failover mechanisms, leveraging external triggers or your own policies.

Nutanix key advantages for disaster recovery include:

Business continuity: Zero RPO, and near-zero RTO disaster recovery solution for sites connected via a metro area network

Customizable options: Support for flexible topologies and configurations including asymmetric Nutanix clusters, hub-and-spoke mode, and fully connected mesh deployments

Simple management: Consumer-grade simplicity and centralized management of all backup and disaster recovery policies

WAN efficient: Leverage existing IP networks and reduce bandwidth requirements by as much as 70% through use of deduplication and compression


Download the Nutanix Disaster Recovery Solution Brief (PDF).